What is Night Cast?

Tripod mounted Night Cast.

What is Night Cast ?

Night cast is a bankside night vision unit that has been designed by a carp angler for carp anglers. Its creator fishes like many quick after work nights leaving the weekends for family! The race from leaving work to arrive at the syndicate with enough time to get rods on spots was easy during the summer but as September arrived with every passing day it got harder and harder. Despite having records of spots and the number of wraps I was convinced that not every time I hit the clip that the rig was bang on the spot or making that recast after a fish to a snag in total darkness risky so often choose a margin spot was really the best use of my precious bank time. With no way of being certain of all of this, the idea of Night Cast was born.

I worked on a prototype built many revisions over the winter and continued to work on it for the following year. Night Cast for me as an angler means that i can arrive at a water at anytime during the night and still confidently fish just as i would if i had arrived in the light . Night cast does not give off visible light so there is no disturbance as with torch beam ect as well as not giving up those hard found spots to others.

With its 20x optical zoom I can see the snag, tree or feature far more than i could even during daytime with the eye. This means that you have the ability to see the exact entry of your rig at any castable range. so no more following a fish from 70 yards to the tree will the rod be recast to the margin etc.. It also is great fro being able to maintain a steady entry of bait even at night as boilies can easily be seen ay any distance hitting the water .

if you are a bait boat user it makes night time drops as simple as any of your daylight runs removing the problems associated with night and bait boats like not being able to see just how close you are to a feature etc. or that return journey is simple as you can see your boat.

I use the Night cast to continue spombing during night as marker a features are so easily seen.

I will warn you though!! once you own a night cast I will not be responsible for the lost hours of sleep where once the addiction of still watching the water at night as if it was day takes hold . No more watching for ripples to see where that fish crashed. over the next couple of weeks we will get lots of video up for you to see comparisons etc

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