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Night Cast Night Fishing aid Optics
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Night Fishing Reinvented!

Night Vision Casting Aid
Night Cast Night Vision Aid Video Output

With the addition of a video output you can attach your own recording device to the Night Cast unit to enable you to review your latest night fishing session. As well as keeping a record of productive spots.

Night Cast Night Vison Unit Control System

The controls on the Night Cast have been designed with night fishing in mind. Large easy grip dials make it easy to setup wearing gloves or with wet hands.

Night Cast Night Fishing Aid Dimensions

With an overall size of 185x185x125mm the Night Cast night vision aid is extremely portable and compact and so is easily intergrated into you over night kit.


Cutting Edge Night Vision

Impelmenting the latest in night vision technology the Night Cast night fishing aid enables you to accurately place your rig time after time. Although distance can be achieved by using the line clip on your reel exact placement at night is almost impossible but using the Night Cast night vision unit you can guarantee your back on the mark every time. So now following a successful capture you can easily recast regardless of distance even if fishing to snags or overhanging trees , all in complete darkness.

Other benifits of using a Night Cast night fishing aid include easily being able to see your bait boat at night eliminating any error of bait placement as well as making it easy to navigate to the bank. If fishing at extreme distance and the use of a boat is required your progress and saftey can easily be monitored by somone on the bank.

The powerful Infra-red LED light source on the Night Cast is capable of illuminating long distances so whatever distance you fish at the Night Cast is the perfect night fishing companion.

Night Cast Night Vision Unit Screen

Hi Res 4.3 Inch Colour Screen

Night Cast Carp Fishing Unit Overview

A large 4.3 inch display sits on top of the Night Cast body. Giving you a clear view of your casting area even in complete darkness. Automatic switching between night and day modes means no menus to navigate.

In addition to the on board screen the Night Cast night casting aid has the added bonus of a video out socket to enable the user to video what the night vision camera sees or to attach a external viewing source.

Ergonomic and Intuitive Controls

The adjustment controls on the Night Cast unit have been designed with low light levels in mind.The large tactile dials have a luminescent glow and have heavy contouring to enable ease of use with wet or cold hands to achieve a clear on screen image for the user.

A complete breakdown of the control system is avalible in our videos section.

Night Cast Casting Aid Ergonomic Controls

High Quaility Optics

Night Cast Night Fishing Unit Optics

The Night Cast night fishing aid uses a high quaility 5mm to 100mm zoom lens. This enables the user to see a wide field of view as well as being able to zoom into specific areas at distance in great detail. Meaning rig placement to difficult spots can still be achievied at night.

Non visable illumination is provided by the lastest Infra-Red LED technology. The light has wide adjustment to allow for illumination  over varied distances and used to achieve a clear image for the user.


Night Cast Fishing Aid
Night Cast Night Vision Unit
Night cast Night Vision Camera
Night Cast Storage Case
Night Cast Control System
Night Cast Casting Aid

Tech Specs

  • 9800 mAh Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery

  • 4.3 Inch High Res Display

  • 300 metre Infra-red throw

  • 20 X Optical Zoom.

  • IR frequency 850nM

  • Tripod Mountable

Night Cast Night Vision Casting Aid Technical Specifications

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